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RoboClub is a World-class Robotics Club for young children 4.5 to 18 years old.

Our endeavor is to get children excited about learning science, engineering and technology. And we enable that through Hi-Tech-Fun robotics programs. Our programs are at-par with internationally recognized robotics schools and specifically designed for each age group. Equipment comprises of hi-tech robotic kits and components. Our system of interactive education through our action-packed programs in robotics, mechanics, electronics, coding and animation also imparts important life skills of teamwork, logical thinking, confidence and creativity. Through active participation in international robotics competitions like the First Lego League and World Robot Olympiad our young children get to realize the potential in the national and global arenas. An international winning track record since our inception is testament to the fact that Roboclub children are getting it right!

Founder of RoboClub- Ms. Sunaina Sood has an entrepreneurial background with extensive experience in fields relating to young children’s activities and education. Her expertise ensures that RoboClub programs remain updated in content and work hand-in-hand with the best academic curriculums for each age group, giving the children a new level of hands-on understanding in concepts they learn in school. A doting mother of two, Sunaina believes that having your own kids raises your game to a whole new level. With her passion for education and learning, no wonder that she is the chief Mentor of champion RoboClub teams at the FLL, WRO and other Robotics competitions.

Our educational team comprises of equally passionate engineers, who love teaching children and inspiring them towards STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), subjects that can lead to amazing careers later in life.

The unending zest of RoboClub children to stay above and beyond class hours to complete tasks and create  robotics solutions combined with the satisfaction and joy of RoboClub parents says it all about our quest for excellence.

We motivate kids to Explore possibilities, Build confidence, Innovate solutions and Succeed in the 21st Century




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both my boys Mahin now 9 and Vivaan 4.5 years old have been at Roboclub for a long time now. Mahin started when he was just 5 and Vivaan started 6 months ago ... There has been no looking back since they both joined Roboclub. We have done all the workshops ranging from Lego robotics to EV3 to the summer camps exploring electronics making flying airplanes, rockets & race cars and learning about circuits! The kids find it so interesting that it is the roboclub days they look forward to during the week. Both my boys have learnt so much and continue to learn even now, we cannot imagine our week without atleast one visit to roboclub. The instructors are so nice and approachable that kids are so comfortable with Asid sir, Nidhi Maam and Shikha Maam that they look forward to learning from them. Thank you Roboclub for giving us such a fun time and making us learn so much effortlessly ...Roboclub rocks !!!  

Sonal Puri

A center where education is fun, Teaching is professional, Time is scarce , Knowledge is sacred, Dreams are fulfilled, Challenges are overcome And Champions are created. Thanks to them, Nitish has managed to convert his hobby into his future career.   Click Here View All

Manisha Gupta

As we explored a good summer vacation pastime for our son last year, we came across Roboclub which introduced Achintya to the robotics world at various levels. The most kid friendly robotic kits from Lego – are indeed a great piece of material.   Click Here View All

Shalabh M. Dayal

When Advay joint robotics we had no clue that this would become such a passion. Roboclub soon became his home away from home and his teachers and teammates like family to him. He has learnt more than just robotics there,   Click Here View All

Shweta Mansingka

Harivansh has always been inclined towards innovating models and creating interesting stuff ...
Robo Club has shown him the path and given him guidance to go about things.   Click Here View All

Ruchika Rathi