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Suvaktra's Parent

We have been associated with RoboClub for almost 2 years now. My son has learnt so much under the guidance of Gourab sir. RoboClub keeps introducing new programs to keep the children motivated and engaged. Personalised one on one attention makes it easier for the kids to learn more effectively. During lockdown RoboClub came as a rescuer and kept my child busy in a very productive way.


Swati Agarwal

RoboClub Parent

Thank you Maam… as I mentioned we are completely overwhelmed by the incredible commitment and effort put in by the robo club team and our children! Special thanks to all your instructors and we wish the very best to the qualifying teams from the club!


Qamar Zafeer

RoboClub Parent

Thank you Gourab Sir for mentoring them upto the nationals. They were the most consistent and best performance team till last second glitch. Winning and losing is part of the game but kids enjoyed last two weeks and had lot of fun besides great learning. Thank you Sunaina ma’am for keeping Aabir’s interest in robotics alive from last 18 months. It’s an achievement in itself.


Minoo Dograa

Faculty Pathways Noida

Robotics session was indeed a great learning for our students. It certainly enhanced their knowledge and contributed in taking their inquiry further.
The session was very interactive which kept our students engrossed throughout the session.Experiential learning of creating their own robots gave them a sense of ownership and creativity.
Thanking you for organizing this educational session and giving our students this opportunity. It has certainly left a great impact on our students.


Aarti Garg

Mrinaal's Mother

Congratulations for WRO team being National Champions!! Your hard work, commitment and leadership is commendable. Your coaches and mentors are equally motivated and give their 100%. Very happy to have sent Mrinaal joined coaching at your club.


Tithi Tiwari

Anirudh's Mother

So much learning today, how to cope under pressure, how to rise and shine after disappointments and sudden failures, how to work as a team and how to make a comeback. Was a pleasure to witness it all with our super LEGO 3 heroes. Thanks Sunaina, Sarita & Raveena ma’am’s for your hard work and also for providing our lil ones this opportunity.


Ruchika Rathi

Harivansh's Mother

Harivansh has always been inclined towards innovating models and creating interesting stuff.

Robo Club has shown him the path and given him guidance to go about things.. which converted his hobby to passion and improved him multi fold.

Now its been more then 3 years he has been regularly involved with Robo Club and as parents we are very happy to see him grow beautifully in the world of robotics and fulfilling his passion… We a re thankful to sunaina and her team for the great job.


Shweta Mansingka

Advay's Mother

When Advay joint robotics we had no clue that this would become such a passion. Roboclub soon became his home away from home and his teachers and teammates like family to him. He has learnt more than just robotics there, he’s learnt teamwork and planning, and the teachers have always encouraged pushing his potential and moving forward to reach international levels of competition.

It makes us as parents so happy to see the healthy competition and love for learning and growth to better themselves that the centre encourages, while having loads of fun.


Manisha Gupta

Nitish Gupta's Mother

A center where education is fun, Teaching is professional, Time is scarce, Knowledge is sacred, Dreams are fulfilled, Challenges are overcome And Champions are created. Thanks to them, Nitish has managed to convert his hobby into his future career.


Srinath Kota

FIRST Lego League Core Value Judge 2016 St. Louis, MO, USA

“ Excellent Team by RoboClub at the FIRST LEGO League World Festival 2016 – St. Louis, MO USA

Team NeXT coaches had a good impact on the Team at the FLL world festival, and are excellent coaches, mentors, and role models for all the players. I have watched them worked together as a Team very hard to help every player achieve each other potentials.

Special Congratulations to all the team members for working as One Team India and what caught my eye how the team members coped with jetlag and yet took turns to fix their robot and its componenets when one of their baggage was delayed by the airline to be ready the next morning for the FIRST Lego League World Festival event!

I’m Glad and happy to be one of their #Judges and for recommending them “Best Innovation Award” for 2016 Season. ”


Aditya Bansal

Amity International School, Saket

“ I was very fascinated when I received answers to all my perplexing robotic questions at RoboClub. RoboClub has played an important role in channelizing this interest in the right direction. I explored many new things and learned numerous new concepts, in a very carefree and simple manner, along with core values such as teamwork. It taught me the basics of robotics and how it has important applications in every field of our lives. This not only filled me with knowledge but also ignited creativity in me, which help me to do well in prestigious competitions like The First Lego League. The mentors and teachers have always been by my side through thick and thin. Its been an enthralling journey since the very first class I attended. ”

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