A center where education is fun, Teaching is professional, Time is scarce , Knowledge is sacred, Dreams are fulfilled, Challenges are overcome And Champions are created. Thanks to them, Nitish has managed to convert his hobby into his future career.

Manisha Gupta


As we explored a good summer vacation pastime for our son last year, we came across Roboclub which introduced Achintya to the robotics world at various levels. The most kid friendly robotic kits from Lego – are indeed a great piece of material to understand from the very basics concepts to their most advanced applications. Not to forget the guidance of the Roboclub team in helping the kids understand the various aspects. We also observed the new concepts and technical knowledge he has gained – and the passion and confidence for the teamwork and performance under pressure. FLL competition at National level has been a great learning and development experience for him – whether it is about the project work, programming skills or the actual robotic gaming - and on top of it all, the teamwork – along with the kids whom he never knew before. We now have very high expectations from Team Roboclub for the upcoming national and international events and hope to see you atop in all these events.

Keep the good work going for the kids and wish you the very best.


Shalabh M. Dayal




When Advay joint robotics we had no clue that this would become such a passion. Roboclub soon became his home away from home and his teachers and teammates like family to him. He has learnt more than just robotics there, he's learnt teamwork and planning, and the teachers have always encouraged pushing his potential and moving forward to reach international levels of competition.

It makes us as parents so happy to see the healthy competition and love for learning and growth to better themselves that the centre encourages, while having loads of fun.

Shweta Mansingka



Harivansh has always been inclined towards innovating models and creating interesting stuff ...

Robo Club has shown him the path and given him guidance to go about things.. which converted his hobby to passion... and improved him multi fold..

Now its been more then 3 years he has been regularly involved with Robo Club and as parents we are very happy to see him grow beautifully in the world of robotics and fulfilling his passion... We a re thankful to sunaina and her team for the great job .


Ruchika Rathi